Announcing My New Book

MONUMENTAL SHIFT: Creating A New Economy with Genuine Democracy

By: Chaitanya Davé

Pages: 346, Price: $19.95, Kindle price: $9.99
This book is now available in USA, UK, France, Europe, India and Brazil.
Also available in Kindle form, price: $9.99 in above countries.
For more than two centuries, America’s unbridled capitalism has created a class of super-rich individuals with enormous wealth. With wealth comes political power which they have misused to hijack our democracy and established an oligarchy.

Today, the greatest threat facing humanity is climate change and the biggest contributor to it is global capitalism.
 Global capitalism, if not replaced with a democratic economy that is fair and in harmony with nature, will devour the last remaining resources of our finite earth. In the process, it will devastate the earth’s remaining forests, pollute planet’s environment, its oceans, rivers and soil.
Capitalism’s crusade around the world–if not stopped and replaced with a modern system that is people and nature-friendly and sustainable–will destroy humanity itself along with all other living species of this beautiful planet.
Chaitanya Davé, convinced that we cannot have genuine democracy without a democratic economy, proposes a new and practical alternative; a democratic, fair for all and sustainable economy that fosters genuine democracy and is in harmony with nature.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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