CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A Shocking Record of US Crimes since 1776

This book gives you a detailed account of how United States carried out invasions, coups, assassinations, overthrow of democratic governments or destroy democratic movements around the world since last 150 years or more.

The book is 519 pages and is available at or (for Europe).


Should India Allow Religious Conversions?

Since a long time, religious conversions have become common in secular India. Usually religious conversions are practiced by Christian Missionaries who specifically come to India just to do that. Usually the poor Hindus are converted to Christianity for some kind of rewards such as money, medicine or even food. Hinduism is a non-proselytizing religion.
Article 15 and article 25 of the constitution of India gives everyone the freedom of religion in India but that should not be misunderstood as freedom to convert others.
Currently, five Indian states—Orissa was the first state to pass anti-conversion laws in 1967; followed by Madhya Pradesh in 1968 and Arunachal Pradesh in 1978. Catholics protested against this, arguing that propagation of their faith was an important part of Christianity. Both laws, enacted by Orissa and Madhya Pradesh High Courts were challenged pointing out Article 25 of the Constitution. But the Supreme Court supported the laws saying “What is freedom for one is freedom for the other in equal measure and there can therefore be no such thing as a fundamental right to convert any person to one’s own religion.”
Chhattisgarh in 2000 and Gujarat in 2003 passed anti-conversion laws. In February 2007, Himachal Pradesh also passed anti-conversion laws and now have anti-conversion laws in place to stop forced conversions. As long as these conversions are voluntary, the laws do not ban conversions. Arunachal Pradesh has enacted anti-conversion laws, but its government has yet to frame the rules to enforce it. In 2008, Rajasthan passed a bill that has yet to be converted into law.
All states’ laws are strikingly similar. All of them prohibit conversion from one religion to another by the use of coercion, allurement or by fraudulent means. Allurement or inducement is defined as a gift or material benefit while force is defined as the threat of injury which includes threat of divine displeasure or social excommunication.
In Gujarat and Chhattisgarh, a person seeking to convert must seek permission from the district magistrate at least 30 days prior to the date of the intended conversion. In Himachal Pradesh, an individual is required to notify the magistrate 30 days in advance that he/she intends to convert.
In 2013, BJP had declared that they would bring anti-conversion laws nationwide if they came to power. Amit shah has challenged the opposition parties to support these laws as BJP does not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha at present.
Why should India allow any kind of conversions to take place? We are already divided enough; why should we allow further division of the country on religious line? It is very important to note that foreign missionaries who are in India have only one mission on their
agenda; that is to Christianize the country as much as possible. Why should India allow foreign missionaries to enter the country in the first place? They should all be banned from entering the country.
India is the most religiously tolerant country in the world. But nobody should be allowed to take wrong advantage of this.
The Indian parliament must pass the law banning any conversions from any religion to the other unless people themselves want to change their religion without any outside persuasion. Any person or group of persons who are found converting other people by force or by inducement or gifts should be prosecuted, and if proven guilty should be given appropriate punishment. The foreign missionaries should be totally banned from entering India, period. They are up to “no good” anyway.
When Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was luring thousands of American Christians to Hinduism, Reagan administration prosecuted him on a technical immigration violation and jailed him for quite some time and ultimately deported him to India. It is also highly suspected that the US government reportedly poisoned him with slow poison which ultimately took his life after he was deported to India. The truth will never come out but the fact remains that he was deported back to India on minor technical immigration violation.
We just hope that the BJP government of Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi gives this matter its upmost consideration and bans religious conversions as soon as possible.


Poisoning of Millions of Indians-a National Shame

During our recent travel in the foothills of the Himalayas, while we were walking in the town of Zero (elevation 5,577 feet), Arunachal Pradesh, we came across houses after houses with black letter signs: DDT, 7/14/15. Somewhat surprised, I asked our local guide what this sign meant. As I had suspected, he told me that DDT was sprayed in these houses on July 14, 2015. I asked him if they sprayed all the houses and how many times? He said every house is sprayed by the government twice a year in whole of Zero and all other parts of Arunachal Pradesh. Then a few days later, we were in Darjeeling and I asked my guide the same question and he too said that DDT is sprayed twice a year in every house in West Bengal. Now the picture was clear: DDT is being sprayed in most of the regions of India once or twice a year to eliminate mosquitos. As we were growing up–and I am sure this is the same experience of everyone who grew up in India—DDT was sprayed every year in our house, especially in the bathrooms and toilets and in the backyard. Like everyone, all of us have absorbed DDT while growing up in India. While the whole of Europe, America and other developed countries have banned DDT use, it is still being used widely in India, other parts of Asia and in Africa.
Houses in Zero, Arunachal Pradesh.
Well, let me give some information on DDT pesticide:
1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)ethane or commonly known as DDT is an organochlorine insecticide that was first synthesized in 1874. DDT is a pesticide that was used very successfully to control the insect population especially the mosquito population prevalent all over the world. It is a persistent organic pollutant.
Farmers used DDT in a variety of food crops in the United States and worldwide. It was also used in buildings for pest control. The reason why it was used so widely was because not only it is effective, but it is also relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and lasts a long time in the environment.
Rachel Carson, an environmentalist, came out with her ground breaking book called “Silent Spring” in 1962. She used DDT to tell the broader story of the disastrous consequences of the overuse of insecticides and raised enough concern from her testimony before the Congress. This triggered the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Following her testimony, President Kennedy convened a committee to review the evidence Carson had presented. By 1972, DDT was banned in the United States except in case of public health emergency. But its manufacture is still legal in the country as long as it is exported for use by the developing nations.
When tested on animals, DDT is found to cause chronic effects on the nervous system, liver, kidneys, and immune system. DDT is also found to be carcinogenic, causing cancers when tested on animals. It is found to cause disruptions in the endocrine (hormonal) systems of the animals. Also is found to cause reduced fetal weight or even sterility in some animals.
DDT’s carcinogenicity is equivocal. It has been shown to cause increased tumor production (mainly in liver and lungs) in test animals such as rats, mice and hamsters in some studies. In one study, increased connection was found between humans and pancreatic cancers. Also on humans, studies have revealed that DDT can adversely affect the nervous system, liver and the kidney.
The most amazing thing is that DDT gets accumulated in humans and animals in the fatty tissues of the body. Its concentration keeps increasing in the body and without doubt it will have significantly adverse effect on the bodies of humans and animals.
The evidence on DDT’s effect on humans has continued to mount over the years. The recent studies are showing harm even at very low levels of exposure. Studies show a range of human health effects connected with DDT and its breakdown product, DDE:
• Breast and Pancreatic cancers & leukemia
• male infertility
• miscarriages & low birth weight
• developmental delay
• nervous system & liver damage
No wonder, all the developed countries have banned the use of DDT in their countries especially after the US ban. Unfortunately, DDT is widely used in Africa, and Asia including India. India is just one of the three countries still manufacturing DDT and is the largest user of it. The other two countries are China and North Korea. China uses a small quantity of DDT for domestic spraying while exports the rest to other countries.
We should learn from Mexico and Vietnam who successfully carried out a range of programs to reduce or eradicate malaria from their countries with measures other than DDT spraying. Both these countries don’t use DDT anymore since last several years as PAN (Pesticide Action Network) reports.
India desperately needs to develop and pursue other non-chemical methods to control malaria. They include protective nets, larvae eating fish and elimination of mosquito breeding sites such as stagnant waters and open gutters. Addition of alkaline salts to stagnant waters and gutters could be useful but needs further research. Mass production of cotton bed-nets should be made available to the masses at very low cost. Combined with other prevention and treatment strategies, these bed-nets can prevent half of all the deaths from malaria. Like what Vietnam did, there are drugs that can be freely distributed to the poor which gives protection against malaria.
With a huge pool of biologists and other scientists, India can devise ways to eliminate the malaria deaths from the country. Poisoning of millions of Indians by DDT spray is not the solution. I urge our popular Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi to combat this menace by implementing other alternatives and save millions of Indians from being poisoned.


Excerpt-2 from “MONUMENTAL SHIFT: Creating a New Economy with Genuine Democracy”

MONUMENTAL SHIFT: Creating a New Economy with Genuine Democracy

By: Chaitanya Davé


We have already exceeded carrying capacity of the Earth, as environmentalists affirm. Capitalism, in its wake, is devastating the world’s ecosystems and forests. The planet’s oceans, rivers, lakes, and atmosphere are polluted beyond imagination. Oil companies are digging and diving for more oil around the planet. Mining companies are destroying the forests and lands, predominately in the third world. Coal companies are cutting mountain tops and throwing the debris in the surrounding areas in America while the multinational logging companies are cutting swathes of forest in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Russia. How much can the earth tolerate? It is already saturated with pollution. The atmosphere is increasingly saturated with billions of tons of carbon, adding to climate change. The Earth is telling us to stop it all and is warning us with increased frequency and enhanced strength of storms all over the planet. We have witnessed thousands of people (mostly the elderly) dying in France in 2003 in the worst heat wave in that country. We saw massive flooding in Pakistan, unheard of forest fires in Russia, once in a hundred year flooding in South India, and the once in a lifetime storm Katrina hit New Orleans. Recently we experienced nationwide drought in America that covered most of the country. We saw Sandy storm hitting the East coast. Do we need more tragic reminders that the Earth has had enough? Only the fools could ignore such warnings at their own peril.

It should be obvious that capitalism is a huge contributor to the climate crisis. It is squarely on a collision course with Mother Earth. Unless humanity changes course drastically and globally, the Earth will force us to do it. Planet Earth will cleanse itself. Then the consequences will be devastating. Hundreds of millions will then die due to starvation, flooding, and homelessness. Millions will have inadequate water to drink or food to eat. The air will be unbreathable as we see it in some cities of China frequently.

Few people realize that by extracting raw materials, multinationals are exploiting the resources of what in environmental jargon is referred to as ‘commons’. They are taking away the resources that belong to all the common people whether it is water, fossil fuel, minerals, and soil, or forest products. It is the average citizen of the world along with all the non-human living creatures who should be the rightful owners of this ‘commons’. Unfortunately, the powers that be are myopic and not capable of the foresight to change their country’s ways. They are only concerned about next GDP growth report, employment report, and election.

Unlike what Mahatma Gandhi has voiced, “Local production for local consumption”, the slogan of capitalism is “mass production by the few.” In Britain which was the biggest empire at the time, the 19th century became the century of ‘coal.’ Coal was vastly used everywhere. Being a major maritime power, all its ships were powered by coal; so were its factories. But by the beginning of the 20th century, coal was replaced by oil, another fossil fuel. Capitalism was being fueled by another fossil fuel, oil which was easy and cheap to extract. Little did the leaders of Europe and America realize at the time that their industrialization and capitalism powered by oil was an intoxication for which ultimately the whole world would pay dearly. Before the industrial revolution and before the discovery of oil, coal and natural gas, the atmosphere contained about 280 ppm of CO2. Since then, because of the fossil fuel based capitalist economy adding tremendous quantities of CO2 that number stood at 387 to 390 ppm in 2009. Today, it has surpassed 400 ppm. 3

Many misguided benefactors and other blind followers of capitalist theory might argue that capitalism has given us so much progress. But at what cost to the planet? Was it worth it? Does humanity really need that so called progress? As a result of that ‘progress’, we have become lazy. Instead of walking for which the human body was designed by nature, we travel by cars and scooters. Instead of growing our own vegetables, wheat and rice, we buy ready-made mass produced, often genetically modified food. Most of us have never seen from where our food purchased in the grocery store comes from. There is an epidemic of obesity in America, and many other countries. There is an epidemic of heart disease and diabetes. Most people in wealthy countries get too little or no exercise. This is the result of this so called ‘progress’. Few people realize the price our Earth, the planet that belongs to all of us—the rich and poor, powerful or weak, young and old, the citizens of each and every country—has to pay for this technological progress. Few realize how many billions of gallons of water, tons of steel, copper and aluminum, billions of gallons of harmful chemicals and paints, and tons of plastics and glass are gobbled up in the manufacture of millions of cars, computers, airplanes, smartphones, and TVs. Have they given men great happiness? Were men unhappy when he didn’t have any of these but had a family, clean and pure water in the rivers, lakes and oceans? Was he unhappy surrounded by immense natural beauty of trees, plants and wide varieties of animals? Of course he was equally happy or happier. At least he was eating pure food and drinking water uncontaminated with chemicals. Technology has not made us any happier. One can argue the progress in medical technology has made humans healthier and offered them longer lives. This is true. But this is the only progress which could be justified. Otherwise humans were very happy without this so called ‘progress’. There were no weapons of mass destruction such as atomic bombs, fighter jets, missiles, tanks or people-killing drones. There were no superpowers or regional hegemons controlling and exploiting resources, labor, and the lives of millions of people around the world.

Technology gave the imperialist nations five hundred years ago the power to conquer Meso-America and many countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It gave them the opportunity to enslave and exploit millions around the globe. If it was not for their technological superiority, they could not have done this. Today’s capitalism along with globalization allows the United States and Europe to exploit the resources and cheap labor of developing countries while the people of these poor nations remain as poor as ever.

Years ago, chiefs and kings ruled over people. Then came the dictators and despots. Democracy finally evolved in Europe and America, followed by other countries of the world as they gained their independence from imperialist powers. Around early 20th century, communism emerged in Russia, then subsequently in China. Of course, as a system of economic development, capitalism was already getting stronger in the Western nations led by the United States in last 200 years. We saw around late 20th century the demise of communism as it was not good for the people and could not survive. It is through this book that I will attempt to encourage the reader to see what capitalism truly is and why it must also go. In later chapters, I have tried to describe the planetary devastation the global multinationals have caused and are still causing to ecosystems and forests in the vast corners of the world. I have tried to point out the mass poverty and inequality that capitalism and its arm called globalization is responsible for around the world.

After all, what is the purpose of a society? What is the goal of a country, especially a genuinely democratic one? Isn’t it to look after all its people and their welfare rather than a select few?

How can a civilized, genuinely democratic country allow millions of its people wallow in poverty while a few of its oligarchs get richer and richer day by day? How can any sensible and decent country allow that to happen? Well, it is happening right now in the United States.

Unless those of us who are aware and compassionate stop this “March of Folly”, this “Capitalism’s Crusade” as soon as possible, the consequences for this country and the world will be dire. We see every day, more and more evidence that capitalism which was once the basis for an unprecedented wave of creativity and liberation, has transformed itself into a force for decay, destruction, and death.

Capitalism, by exploiting resources of this planet and its people, has created vast oceans of poverty with a few islands of enormous wealth. More than a billion people live below two dollars a day and hundreds of millions more survive with a dollar a day while the Forbes List continues to proudly publish its list of billionaires every year.

Perhaps, the greatest threat to the survival of humanity and other innocent creatures of our planet today is climate change. Through continuous exploitation of the Earth’s resources, global capitalism is the main vehicle through which our Earth is continuously being exploited. Capitalism’s dogma of ceaseless growth foolishly measured through GDPs persists despite the earth’s devastation beyond its capacity to bear. Unless we realize that this planet has finite resources and that continuous, out of control growth through exploiting these finite resources is not only unsustainable but impossible and catastrophic, humanity and the earth itself are all doomed.

Capitalism is on a collision course with the wellbeing of Mother Earth. This planet is warming due to atmospheric carbon emissions. The greatest emitter of this carbon is uncontrolled production and trade of commodities encouraged, sustained, and perpetrated by global capitalism. Unless the world learns to live within its earthly means, unless we humans live within a sustainable growth structure, catastrophe for our planet is surely guaranteed. IF humanity survives, we will leave a horribly polluted and destroyed, hot burning planet to live for our children. Is this what we desire? Can we depend on our myopic and foolish politicians who only look forward to the next election and the next five years while our planet is hurtling towards a catastrophe created by out of control growth perpetrated by our economic system?






Choice is Clear–Survival or Extinction

Choice is Clear–Survival or Extinction

By Chaitanya Davé

There have been five extinctions of living species in the past. The last extinction occurred 65million years ago when the dinosaurs went extinct. This was caused by a meteorite striking Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Today, 97% of the scientists who have weighed in on the issue believe that climate change is a human-caused phenomena. According to many of them, today we are already into the sixth extinction. Unlike the past extinctions which were caused by nature, this one is different. It is anthropogenic.

We the humans are adding billions of tons of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in the atmosphere every year by our out of control usage of fossil fuels, and our reckless destruction of forests around the world. The carbon thus emitted warms the atmosphere absorbing more and more sunlight and that in turn warms the oceans.

Another grim milestone for an ever-warming planet has just been marked last month. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed recently that for the first time in recorded history, global levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere averaged over 400 parts per million (ppm) for an entire month, the month of March, 2015. At the pre-industrial times, the CO2 levels were 280 ppm. Constantly burning fossil fuels, we humans have added 120 ppm more.

The strength and frequency of major storms around the globe are increasing year after year causing vast devastation and human suffering. Scientists at Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)—a UN appointed panel—believe that we have less than 14 years left to rein in carbon emissions or we’ll need new technologies which are not yet in existence and which may not be effective.

If carbon emissions from fossil fuels continue to accumulate in the atmosphere at the current rate, the prediction by scientists is very clear. Humanity itself along with rest of the species will perish from the planet. There is no doubt about it. It is also clear to the scientists that if we burn all the fossil fuel that is still buried in the earth, the earth will burn and we the humans and all other species will burn to extinction.

Animal agriculture is especially responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all worldwide transportation—cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships—combined. Livestock and their waste and flatulence account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. Crops grown for feeding livestock consume 96 percent of the water used in the United States. Some eighty percent of the world’s soy crop is fed to animals. Most of this soy is grown on cleared lands where once existed rain forests. This is happening while some 6 million children globally die from starvation and hunger and starvation affect additional I million people. Staggering amount of natural resources are gobbled up to produce minimal amounts of animal products—to produce 1 gallon of milk, 1,000 gallons of water is used. To produce 1 pound of beef, some 10 pounds of grains are needed.

According to an April, 2013 report by the Insect Pollinators Initiative, insect pollinators such as bees provide pollination for up to 75% of crops and enable reproduction in up to 94% of wild flowering plants including most fruits, vegetables and nuts. Bees, along with other pollinators like moths and hoverflies are in serious decline around the globe since last few decades of 20th century. Their current decline greatly “threatens human food supplies and ecosystem function” around the world. Though it is unclear why, scientists suspect it is from a combination of new diseases, changing habitats around cities and increasing use of pesticides.

Forests are the lungs of the earth. According to Rainforest Action Network: We humans are destroying forests at a rate of 375 sq. km each day. As per Amazon International Network, close to 93,000 square miles of Amazon Rainforest—an area as large as UK–was destroyed by deforestation between 2000 and 2010. Bulk of this deforestation—84.3%–is occurring in Brazil. The world has already lost some 80% of its original forests. 1.1 billion acres of tropical forests were cleared in just thirty years between 1960 and 1990.

At the current rate, 5-10% of tropical forest species will go extinct every decade. 80% of all the fish stocks of the world are either already exploited, over-exploited or recovering.27% of coral reefs are extinct and 70% of earth’s coral reefs will cease to exist in next forty years. Half of the world’s coastal wetlands including mangrove swamps and salt marshes are already lost. One fifth of all species alive today will become extinct in next 30 years and 12% of all bird species are threatened.

Marine biologists have warned that ocean acidification is now one of the most worrying threats to the planet. Billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide that we emit each year lingers in the atmosphere causing it to heat up driving global warming. But around 30% of that gas is absorbed by the oceans where it is converted into carbonic acid. That has started killing coral reefs and shellfish beds while threatening other fish stocks. Very little can live in oceans which are too acidic. Caribbean has already lost about 80% of its coral reefs to bleaching. The amazing coral reefs of Australia will be the things of the past in a few decades.

U.N. scientists believe that in order for the earth to avoid the worst consequences of global warming, global temperature should not be allowed to rise above 2 degree Centigrade by 2080 but to achieve this goal, global emissions must be reduced from 56 billion tonnes annually today to 44 billion tonnes by 2020. These scientists said that the faster emissions are cut now, the easier it will be later to hold temperatures steady. “To hold temperatures to no more than a 1.5C rise, a figure which more than half the world’s countries are pressing for, would need annual 4-5% cuts in emissions after 2020,” said UN chief scientist Joseph Alcamo. China and the United States are by far the world’s biggest polluters.

These statistics are not just numbers. They are alarming facts. Every responsible person who reads this article should be extremely alarmed and worried. This worry should turn into action. We must act, not for anybody else but for our own children and grandchildren.

Melting glaciers worldwide, rapidly melting arctic ice-sheets, cyclones, major floods, typhoons, and heavy rains in some countries while drought and forest fires in others, mother earth is crying and telling us in no uncertain terms to change our ways.

The choice for us humans is very clear: Act now, start reducing GHG emissions quickly now or face extinction from this beautiful planet.

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Modi

Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Nuclear Energy a White Elephant

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting with Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper at Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Canada, April 15, 2015, during which India signed an agreement with the Canadian company Cameco, which will supply 3,000 tons of uranium over six years — enough to power 1,700 megawatts of India’s 5,780 MW of nuclear-power plants. (IANS/PIB photo)

Posted: Friday, August 7, 2015 8:30 am

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. — The following is an open letter I have sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

“I am an environmentalist, so I am rather dismayed at your signing several deals with USA, Canada and Australia for the items related to nuclear plants. After the Fukushima disaster in Japan, many nations have realized that not only are nuclear plants too costly to build, they are outright dangerous. Over the years, the world has seen nuclear disasters like Chernobyl in Russia, Three Mile Island in America and Fukushima in Japan. These are three famous ones, but there have been many more accidents around the world. Nuclear plants are not only unsafe but are very costly and take at least 10 years to build. In addition, the nuclear fuel uranium is also a limited resource which will one day be gone.

“Many countries of the world are now moving rapidly towards renewable solar and wind energy. Denmark is a leader in green energy field. It is pursuing the world’s most ambitious policy against climate change. It plans to stop fossil fuel use totally by 2050. More than 40% of their power comes from renewable energy today which mainly consists of wind power. They are planning to go 50% renewable energy by 2020.

“After the Fukushima disaster, Germany has shut down all its nuclear plants and shifted massively towards solar and wind energy. Germany is now moving rapidly towards total renewable energy by 2050. Today, it meets more than 27% of its electricity demand by solar and wind energy.

“Not to be outdone by other countries, China, USA, and UK are also moving rapidly towards energy independence from fossil fuels. USA TODAY reported last February that the American state of California inaugurated the world’s largest 550-megawatt solar plant, in the town of Desert Center, California where it will generate electricity 365 days a year producing zero carbon emissions. A recent report in Global Possibilities pointed out that Scotland generated 49.8% of its electricity from renewables, effectively meeting its target of generating half of its electricity demand by the end of this year. Their plan is to generate 100% of its electricity demand by 2020.

“Japan has almost done away with nuclear plants after the Fukushima disaster. So has Germany.

“Dear Prime Minister, all the industrialized countries are rapidly moving away from nuclear energy, as it is dangerous, costly and non-sustainable. Nuclear plants are accident-prone and costly to maintain. India has to request other countries to supply us uranium at a heavy cost. The worst part of it is no country to date has found a solution for the safe disposal of used nuclear fuel, which is radioactive for a hundred thousand years or more. America, Russia, and France possess millions of tons of used nuclear fuel which they do not know where to store, let alone where to dispose of it. The case is the same with Japan, UK and China. Then why should India go for such a dangerous source of energy when solar and wind power are forever and so abundant especially in India. India gets intense sunlight some 200 days a year. Why can’t we install thousands of solar panels in Thar Desert, generating enormous amount of electricity? Why can’t we install thousands of mirrors generating many gigawatts of electricity from solar thermal power? We have 7,500 kilometers of coastline, one of the longest in the world. Besides thousands of windmills on shore like you have done in Gujarat, we can install hundreds of thousands of windmills offshore like they have done in Denmark and Scotland or UK.

“Today, over the last decade, solar and wind power produced electricity is constantly getting cheaper to produce and is closing in price compared to coal or nuclear powered electricity. Coal fired power plants are the worst polluters in the world. Considering all these factors, sir, it makes no sense to go for nuclear power now.

“Prime Minister Narendrabhai, you can invite many of our big industrial power houses like the Ambanis, the Tatas and the Birlas to invest in these 21st century green energy ventures which will be sustainable forever. The solar plants and the windmills will create millions of jobs all across our country which will uplift millions of our poor. The country will become energy independent and will save billions of Rupees that we spend importing polluting Arab oil which is running out anyway.

“When I read your book on the environment, ‘Convenient Action’, that you gave me during our meeting at your residence in Gandhinagar on December 7, 2013, I learned how much you had done for the environment in Gujarat, mitigating the climate change.

“Today, Narendrabhai, you have the power, the will, the courage and the acumen to undertake this major game-changer shifting India’s power needs away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy to sustainable green energy on a massive scale. I am sure, 1.2 billion Indians are with you. More than 20 million diaspora are your avid fans today. Mr. Prime minister, you have the opportunity to change India forever into a developed country with a robust economy run by an energy source that is unlimited and everlasting.

“I very much hope that you will consider this superior option very seriously as I know that you are a very pragmatic man with an extraordinary vision.”

Lessons of History


By: Chaitanya Davé

America’s Legacy in Congo:

In my book, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A shocking Record of US Crimes since 1776, I had a long section on the assassination of Congo’s charismatic democratically elected leader Patrice Lumumba. In that chapter, I had given the detailed story of America’s and Belgium’s involvement in his assassination. As it is their usual practice, this involvement was indirect.

Congo was a Belgian colony for a long time. It was extremely rich in mineral wealth. But by 1960, many African nations had gained independence from their colonial masters. In 1960, sixteen African states had gained independence. Congo was the largest and richest. The independence in Congo, however, had presented a dilemma to the Western powers. Their vast investments and income especially from the rich countries like Congo were suddenly threatened, especially by fiercely nationalist leaders like Patrice Lumumba. The West had now to change its policy from one of overt domination to the one of covert control. The new leaders had to be taught to respect the new-colonial order.

Lumumba was an obstacle to this goal as he advocated the total de-colonization that would benefit the population of his country. The West knew that with Lumumba at the helm of the Congolese government, they would no longer be able to exploit the vast resources of the country like before. They considered him to be a communist. He had to be stopped at any cost.

Patrice Lumumba, a dynamic leader of Congo was democratically elected first Prime Minister in 1960. From day one of Lumumba becoming independent Congo’s Prime Minister, Belgium, the United States and other Western powers had started to bring about his downfall. They had their own vested interests in vast mineral resources of Congo; especially its province of Katanga that had proclaimed its own secession from Congo with lot of encouragement and support from the Belgian government. Thus, soon after his election, he was targeted by the United States for assassination. They tried to kill him by poisoning his tooth paste but the plot didn’t succeed. The CIA and Belgians were very active during this critical time. Finally they succeeded in helping stage a coup by financing the army chief named Mobutu. Mobutu was told to arrest the newly elected Prime Minister Lumumba who carried out the advice, was arrested and kept under house arrest under UN troops.

Lumumba one day escaped from his prison but with European powers’ help with a reconnaissance plane, was tracked down and was rearrested by Mobutu’s soldiers. The CIA and Belgium were working frantically to liquidate him now. As per United States’ and Belgium’s prodding, he was transferred to a province of Congo named Katanga whose leader Moishe Tshombe had vowed to kill him. So it was for-gone conclusion that if he was transferred to Katanga, he would be killed. Katanga was very rich in Copper and other mineral resources so the United States and Belgium were helping its leader secede from Congo.

Anyway, Mobutu’s soldiers transferred him to Katanga. Little later, he was tortured and finally killed by Moishe Tshombe’s men. He was only 36 years old. This was a sad story of Patrice Lumumba’s short life which was ended with the help of the United States and Belgium in 1961.

Mobutu, one of America’s many favorite dictators ruled Congo ruthlessly for many years killing many of his people. He was once a valued guest at the George H. W. Bush White House. He was corrupt to the core and amassed billions of dollars while his people lived in abject poverty. This was America’s legacy in Congo.

India-Pakistan War-1971 & US Response

Most of us know how Pakistan rejected the election of Mujibur Rehman on December 7, 1970.  He was from (then) East Pakistan and had won the majority of votes. A major cyclone devastated the country but with little help coming from the leaders of Pakistan—who were from West Pakistan–thousands of people of East Pakistan poured into the streets in protest and declared a general strike. Pakistani dictator Yahya Khan then banned Awami League Party (Mujibur Rehman’s victorious Party), arrested Mujibur Rehman and ordered military crackdown that killed some 200,000 defenseless citizens of East Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of Bengali (East Pakistani) women were raped by Pakistani soldiers. It also sent some six million refugees across border into India.

Later on, India who could ill afford taking care of six million refugees, reacted by invading East Pakistan. In that 13 day war of 1971, India crushed Pakistani forces and helped East Pakistan become an independent nation called Bangladesh.

What is interesting is the United States’ response during this war. President Nixon didn’t like Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi but he liked dictator Yahya Khan. On occasions, Nixon would use foul language privately showing his disdain for the Indian Prime Minister.

So United States clearly sided with Pakistan. Pakistan was an ally while India was friendlier to Moscow (they thought) and a non-aligned nation. Also, the United States was courting China for better relations and Pakistan was useful to them for the secret trip by Henry Kissinger to China.

The outbreak of war had triggered a flurry of activity in the White House. Convinced that India was bent on destroying Pakistan, Kissinger persuaded Nixon to approve actions to protect American ally. Washington asked the Chinese to mass troops on the Indian border while warning the Soviets not to intervene on India’s behalf. Also, it urged Iran and Jordan to transfer U.S.-supplied combat aircrafts to Pakistan, despite advice that such an action clearly violated U.S. law.

The worst act by the United States was to send its most formidable aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, into the Bay of Bengal as a warning to India not to invade Pakistan. Fortunately, the war was quickly won by India and both the superpowers were not drawn into this conflict.

What this conflict shows is that one cannot trust the United States and should always be vigilant. As one high ranking U.S. State Department official has said long time ago: “We don’t have permanent friends or permanent enemies. We have permanent interests”. One hopes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and most of the democratically elected world leaders are well aware of these lessons of history.

An Apartheid Nation

An Apartheid Nation

By: Chaitanya Davé

Last July and August, 2014, while the world watched in horror, hundreds of Palestinians were being killed as if they were lambs and chicken being butchered in the slaughter house. The world watched in revulsion but was able to do nothing.

Yes, Hamas is wrong in firing rockets into Israel. But Israel occupies Palestinian territories since 1967, all illegally. They have kept Hamas and 1.4 million Palestinians in open air prison. What else do we expect Hamas to do? Desperate people resort to any means to defend themselves. Yes, Hamas must remove in its charter the destruction of Israel. But Israel must vacate all the territories acquired since 1967 war ; also the Syrian Golan Heights. Then the Arabs are ready to sign a peace treaty with Israel. This plan has been offered to Israel many years ago but to no avail.

In this immoral, unnecessary and totally one sided war, on the one side is a state armed to the teeth by the United States, illegally occupying Arab/Palestinian lands since its birth in 1948 and 1967 and on the other side are defenseless, poor Palestinian people, driven by force from their ancestral lands–in their hundreds of thousands by Israel’s ethnic cleansing in 1948–trying to defend themselves with homemade rockets that land anywhere in Israel, most landing in open grounds. For many years, 1.4 million people of Gaza are kept in open-air prison, biggest in the world, forcefully kept on a level of bare survival, imprisoned by land, air and sea. Over the years, Israel has restricted–besides drugs and few other essential items—food imports to levels below minimum necessary to maintain a minimum caloric intake. Child welfare groups have reported a sharp increase in poverty and chronic child malnutrition, typhoid fever, anemia and potentially fatal infant diarrhea. Human rights organizations have termed this as collective punishment.

Ever since its birth in 1948, Israel has fought many wars, most started by itself and captured more and more Arab lands.

In its recent relentless bombing of Gaza for 50 days, the carnage was as follows: Some 2139 Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians. This included many children. About 11,000 people were injured including 3000 children. One third of the children are maimed for life. 30,000 to 40,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of Gazans were forced to flee with nowhere to go; schools, mosques, hospitals, even several U.N. Shelters and U.N.-schools where civilians were taking shelter from the bombings were also bombed. It was evident the Israelis were targeting Gaza’s economy as 175 major factories were taken out according to The New York Times, in a place that had an estimated 47% unemployment rate. In addition, Israel destroyed Gaza’s only power plant, plunging the whole area into darkness. Israel lost 64 soldiers in fighting. Three civilians were killed by rockets fired by Hamas.

For 50 days, the world was appalled watching the kind of terror the civilians of Gaza were subjected to. Thousands of people were protesting all across the world but in U.S. mainstream news media, these protests were not reported. The protests taking place in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles were not important for American news-media to report.

As usual, it was a mismatch, David Vs Goliath fight. The Hamas fired thousands of rudimentary, self-made rockets that did little damage besides killing 4 Israelis. But Israel mounted a massive bombardment by using U.S. Supplied F-16 fighter jets, Apache Helicopters, Hell fire missiles and 500 pound bombs, all financed by American tax-payers. Gaza was invaded by thousands of Israeli troops with tanks and artillery—all U.S. supplied—bombing and killing, shooting women and children at will, destroying buildings, homes, apartment complexes and factories.

Most amazing was a statement by our President Obama: “Israel has a right to defend itself.,” an unwise utterance by a Head of State who should know better who needs defending. Later, while outwardly, the U.S. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were advocating ceasefire, the United States was supplying deadly weapons of war to its client state. What a hypocrisy!

Unfortunately, Israel has developed such an “octopus tentacle” grip on the U.S. political establishment that rarely a reigning U.S. President, nor any current U.S. Senator or Congressman will dare to criticize Israel. If they do and few have tried in the past, they meet the ultimate defeat at the polls in the next election; not that Israel is very popular with the American voters. Unfortunately what counts in U.S. politics today is the money power and Israel’s allies such as American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and many very rich Jews in the U.S. wield this enormous power shamelessly. The poor Palestinians and other Arab countries have no such friends in America besides the Arab population which is ineffective; and what is responsible for Israel’s such violent and aggressive behavior is its main benefactor, the United States and its unquestioned but foolish support, military, monetary and diplomatic. Since last several decades, United States doles out $3 billion of American tax-payers’ money every year to Israel. That is what keeps these wars going ever since 1967. In reality, the United States is waging a proxy war against the poor people of Palestine. If tomorrow, a U.S. President courageously declared that America will stop all its military, economic and diplomatic support for Israel unless it negotiates a just peace with all its Arab neighbors, within few days, Israel will be forced to negotiate such a treaty with its neighbors including the people of Palestine.

It is the unequivocal U.S. support that enables Israel to keep waging its immoral wars against the Palestinians, occupying their territories, building new settlements on stolen lands and keeping these people in concentration like camps.

America’s foolish Middle East policy is formulated not in Washington DC but in Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, no American political leader is able to challenge it today. It has been reported that in private, these Senators and Congressmen grumble and complain about Israel’s policies. They know in their heart that Israel is utterly wrong stealing and occupying other peoples’ lands. But they can’t say it publicly otherwise they will invite their political demise. But they are doing no favors to their own country, the United States which they have sworn in to serve. They all know that Israel is a parasite and a very harmful one causing immeasurable harm to the United States itself. But they are helpless and courage-less.

Today’s humanity, if they call themselves civilized, should not allow a violent and belligerent country terrorize, brutalize and kill a defenseless people whose lands it is illegally occupying at least since 1967. That country, if it does not change its behavior, does not belong to be with the civilized nations of the world. There is one way to force Israel and the United States to change its immoral policy in this conflict. People of the world can do it for them. Us Americans and other people of the globe can help United States free itself from this octopus-like grip by Israel. The answer is “Boycott”.

South African apartheid was the most cruel, racist system ever devised and practiced by Pretoria regime in South Africa in 1960s and 1970s onwards. The world decided to boycott South Africa economically, militarily, business-wise and culturally. Racist South Africa was boycotted on every front. It was totally isolated except with one country. That was Israel. While the world was boycotting this racist Pretoria regime, Israel was having the friendliest relations with this regime. This tells you a lot about Israel.

Finally, the global sanctions and boycott took its toll on the South African regime. It was forced to release African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela after 27 years of incarceration; and was forced to sign a treaty and relinquish power in South Africa, handing it over to African National Congress headed by Mandela.

Boycotts have worked in the past. Mahatma Gandhi led the nation to boycott the British goods. This had devastating effect on the British economy. And when the whole country refused to cooperate with the British, they had no choice but to leave India. By the same token, if the world boycotts Israel and all American, European and Asian companies that do business with Israel, it could have tremendous impact on the United States and Israel. They will be forced to change their policies. For this to succeed, the world’s peace loving and moral people need to join hands in boycotting this 21st century apartheid nation and those who support it. Many American and European institutions have already started divesting—taking out their investments—from Israeli and other companies who do business with Israel, like Caterpillar which supplies bulldozers used in bulldozing Palestinian homes. There are many Israeli companies in New York, NASDAQ and American stock exchanges. They all should be shunned by good hearted Americans, Europeans and other countries’ people. Luckily, it is already happening in the United States and Europe. It just needs much more momentum. For example, there are few ports in America and other countries where the longshoremen have refused to load/unload Israeli ships. This could be a very effective way to make an impact for all the port workers to contribute if more and more of them in various countries take similar actions. Dr. Martin Luther King had rightly said that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We must remember that inaction in the face of injustice makes an individual morally culpable.

As reported by Guardian of UK, on April 29, 2002, South African Archbishop and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu in a speech in the united States, accused Israel of practicing apartheid in its policies towards the Palestinians. As recently as March 10, 2014, he compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians worst than the apartheid regime that discriminated against blacks in his native South Africa. Former President Jimmy Carter, in his classic book few years back, alluded to the fact that Israel’s policies towards Palestinians amounted to apartheid. The situation for the Palestinians has gotten worst since these statements. Desmond Tutu is a great supporter of boycott, divestment and sanctions by people of the world to bring Israel to its senses.

Every one of us has an obligation to do something to bring about the peace by boycotting goods, services and companies of Israel or American and other countries’ corporations doing business with Israel. Remember, wars affect us all around the world. For example, the most foolish and immoral war the United States waged against Iraq in 1991 and in 2003 helped sky-rocket oil prices globally. The result was, poor nations like India and other Asian, Latin American and African nations who could ill afford it, paid very high prices for the oil they had to purchase. Millions of poor people living in these countries—even in America and in Europe—were forced to pay high price for petrol, plastic goods, food and other essential items. This adversely affected their lives and their children’s. So it is obvious that suffering of Palestinians is everybody’s suffering. If we call ourselves civilized, such uncivilized carnage of the defenseless people can not be tolerated by people of the world. Their war is going to affect us all sooner or later. We the ‘global-humanity’ must act now before it is too late.

Some day in distant future, when U.S. elections are not controlled by money power but are federally funded, the Senators and Congressmen will be freed from this highly destructive Israeli-grip on their behavior; and this so called support for Israel will disappear immediately. Then, with the absence of U.S. support, Israel will be forced to come to its senses to sign a just peace treaty with all its neighbors, return the stolen lands and live in peace with its neighbors.


If you like this article, please forward it to all your friends everywhere. That way, it could reach millions of people around the world in few days. That will be immensely helpful to humanity.

Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendrabhai

Open Letter to Honorable Prime Minister Narendrabhai

                                            By Chaitanya Davé

July 21, 2014

Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai

Congratulations on your smashing victory for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. It is indeed my pleasure to write to you. I want to thank you for meeting my wife and I on December 7, 2013 at your residence in Gandhinagar despite you being the busiest man in India at the time. Due to time constraint, I could not elaborate to you my vision for India. So kindly allow me to express it now. These are my thoughts:

Population Control: We have 1.25 billion people in India today. Tonight, 219,000 people who were not there last night, will be there at the dinner table—many of them with empty plates. Many of them will be Indians. Tomorrow night, additional batch of new people will be there for dinner. According to Earth Policy Institute, while the world population has slowed down from the peak of 2.1 percent in 1967 to 1.1 percent in 2014, the global population is still projected to grow to 9.5 billion by 2050. As per United Nations, India will add another 500 million people by the year 2050. Though India’s population growth rate has declined, its population will surpass that of China by 2028. Imagine! At current level, India is so overcrowded. All our systems are stretched to the brink. What will India be like when we have half a billion more people? Today, India creates around two million new jobs per year while some 12 million fresh young people are added to the labor force. Thus, all the development and new job creation will have marginal impact when we keep adding millions of people to the labor force due to burgeoning population. No country in the history has reached the developed nation state without controlling and stabilizing its population. There are several ways we can combat this perennial problem. We can learn a lot from other countries’ examples.

Iran’s Example: Just in one decade, Iran lowered its high population growth rate to one of the lowest in the developing world after its government carried out a successful family planning campaign—During Ayatollah Khomeini’s rule, the growth rate had climbed to 4.2 % in the early 1980s—with religious leaders also getting involved for smaller families. It was almost like a crusade. Iran adopted panoply of contraceptive measures including contraceptive pills, male sterilization and other forms of birth control. These were supplied freely. In fact, Iran became a pioneer, the only country to require couples to take a class on modern contraception before receiving a marriage license. Additionally, a broad-based effort was launched to raise female literacy, raising it from 25% in 1970 to 90% in 2000. The school enrollment of women went up from 60% to 90%. Taking advantage of TV sets in 70% of rural households, television was used to disseminate vital information on family planning throughout the country. All these measures bore fruits. Family size dropped from 7 children to fewer than 3. From 1987 to 1994, Iran cut its population growth rate by half. As of 2006, its population growth rate of 1.3% is only slightly higher than that in the United States.

Mexico’s Example: Mexico also applied this approach rather successfully. Its National Television Network Televisa ran a series of soap opera segments on illiteracy. One of these soap opera characters visited a literacy office wanting to learn how to read and write. Next day, a quarter million people showed up at these offices in Mexico City. Finally, 840,000 Mexicans enrolled in literacy courses after watching the series. Miguel Sabido, vice-president of Televisa, the pioneer of this approach, dealt with contraception in another opera. Within a decade, this drama series helped reduce Mexico’s birth rate by 34%!

So why not to learn from these countries’ successful stories? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Worldwide, 44 countries including nearly all Western and Eastern European ones have achieved population stability as a result of gradual fertility decline over last several generations. Our high priority national goal demands that we achieve zero population growth sir. This can be achieved not by coercion like in China but by mass propaganda campaign, persuasion and government provided benefits to those couples with two children or less. According to Earth Policy Institute, more than 200 million women around the globe would like to prevent or delay pregnancy but lack access to family planning information or effective contraception. We can make this vital information and contraception means freely available to millions of our young women who don’t have them. Women’s education is a major factor in achieving smaller families. State of Kerala is a shining example of that where the literacy rate is almost 100% including extremely high rate for its women. As a result, Kerala’s population growth is highly stabilized.

Bollywood Contribution Vital: In India, the Hindi movies reach every corner of the country including its hundreds of thousands of villages. There exists in India a kind of “hero Worship” of our actors and actresses. They are treated like Gods and Goddesses. Your government Narendrabhai can encourage our movie producers, directors, actors and actresses to produce movies that have a profound message : The message of the tremendous benefit of smaller families to the family as well as the country. Our village folks will surely follow the examples of our popular actors and actresses. The government can offer tax-benefits to the movie producers–and its actors and actresses–that emphatically gives the message of “the benefits of smaller families” to the Indian masses. This could have deep impact on the psyche of the masses across India.

Thus, Bollywood can make enormous contribution towards encouraging the masses—especially the young people who really matter– to limit their families to two children, because they have so much clout with them. The clear message of the importance of smaller families—for their own betterment and the country’s–communicated by Hindi movies could reverberate all across India.

I remember, when we were young, we used to see movies in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. There, before the start of the movie, we were shown the photo of the Maharaja of Bhavnagar. Upon seeing this photo, the audience used to clap as a respect to the king. I guess, it was compulsory for the theaters to show this photograph of the king. By the same token, your government can pass the legislation that requires every movie house across India—before the main movie starts–to project a 15 minute clip of a documentary—prepared by experts—that gives the message of the benefits of small families to young people. Imagine, hundreds of millions of young people getting this important message; a message that can penetrate the hearts and minds of millions of youngsters! Couldn’t this have tremendous impact on the young married couples?

Teach family planning course to India’s youth in the high school all across India.

Two times a year, take senior high school students to villages to talk to the villagers about family planning and its advantages. This should be a part of their curriculum.

Legislate a law where every young couple requires a marriage license before getting married. Require in the law that before qualifying for the license, they have to pass a family planning course of say 3 months’ duration. To enforce this law, vast network of officials will be required in major villages across India. We do have the manpower to do this.

Shift to Green Energy: Not only India but the whole world desperately needs to shift its economy to sustainable green energy. After reading your book that you had so graciously gifted to us, I was so happy to realize that you are so acutely aware of the importance of shifting to the green energy. I am so happy to know that your record in Gujarat in green energy field is second to none.

Solar Energy Bonanza: More than 200 days a year, India receives intensely powerful sunlight

across the nation. If pursued with zest, India can become the “Green Energy Capital”of the world. Why not to exploit the greatest resource that we possess? We can create huge solar farms in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan and the Deserts of Kutch installing hundreds of thousands of solar panels generating thousands of GW of electricity.

We can also generate thousands of megawatts of electricity creating thousands of Thermal Solar Farms.

Denmark is the leader in off-shore wind mills. When we went to Denmark few years ago, we saw hundreds of windmills all across its beaches. India has 7500 kilometers of shoreline. We can install thousands of windmills across these shorelines except its popular beaches and generate huge amount of electricity.

All this will create the skilled workforce of millions of young technocrats and technicians that you are determined to create!

Our educational institutions must reflect the need of the nation. Teach green energy courses starting from high schools to colleges across the nation.

Your other agendas for India’s progress are laudable. Bringing back the black money stashed abroad, eliminating corruption, education of young people and women, increasing tourism, security for women, infrastructure upgrading, encouraging and empowering India’s youth, universalizing of secondary school education, launching massive Clean River Program especially that of Ganga, drafting and enforcing the Uniform Civil Code, working for the abrogation of Article 370, making our defense requirement indigenous and self sufficient, friendly foreign policy with all countries, and a host of other programs in BJP manifesto are indeed vitally important and timely.

I am sure your government will launch and pursue these programs with up-most vigor under your careful watch. Though living in America for many years but being Indian first and Indian last, myself and many of my friends wish your government the best wishes for a thriving success in your noble endeavor.

Thanking you very much sir,

Sincerely yours,

Chaitanya Davé

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA

Author can be reached at

Bully Bows Down to Modi




Bully Bows Down to Modi

By: Chaitanya Davé

We had been reading several articles in western—German, British and American—newspapers a few weeks before the 2014 election on Narendrabhai Modi. Some of them continued to link Mr. Modi to 2002 Gujarat riots despite all the courts in India absolving him of any involvements in the unfortunate killings of Muslims in Gujarat. When the mobs go in a frenzy, no one can control them. But for the U.S. Government and the American newspapers, Modi was guilty period. These main-stream American newspapers always toe the U.S. Government line as far as the foreign policy is concerned. The Washington Post is the ‘Pravda’ on the Potomac and The New York Times is ‘The Peoples’ Daily’ on the Hudson. They both supported both the Iraq Wars though the whole world knew that these wars were nefarious and criminal. Should we worry about these newspapers’ reporting on Modi? Absolutely not. They are not at all important and should be totally neglected.

The Bush administration had denied a visa to Mr. Modi to enter the United States for the same reasons—his alleged involvement in Gujarat riots—since 2005 and unwisely even the Obama-administration continued the visa ban until now. Let’s look at America’s dealings with the poor people of the world including the Muslims. We will bypass British crimes due to lack of space in this article but let us look at America’s record as per human rights and especially the well-being of Muslims.

  • In 300 some years, from 1600 to 1900, what took place in the North American continent is too horrific and ugly to describe. In those years in countless wars and premeditated attacks, the Anglo American invaders killed millions of indigenous people living peacefully for thousands of years on the continent except for inter-tribal wars. Before the advent of the white man that migrated from Britain, they had lived with nature, had respected it immensely and had done no damage to the environment. Wave after wave of white men and women arrived in the North American continent in these years. What has followed after the arrival of the English in the early 1600s was a continuous war of annihilation of the Native American men, women and children.
  • The first slave trade was started by the Portuguese. But by the 17th and 18th century, this huge business of slave trading was in the hands of French, Dutch, and English companies. The slaves were fitted in ships like sardines. Thousands of black African slaves perished in this veritable nightmare. Then it was followed by the institution of slavery by the Americans. By the time this horrible institution was ended by President Lincoln in 1863, millions of African slaves had perished.

  • The Vietnam War spanned five U.S. Presidencies from 1962 till 1975. By the time this horrible war ended, according to reliable Vietnamese reports, some 4 million Vietnamese civilians and 1.1 million military men had perished. As a result of United States spraying some 21 million gallons of highly deadly and poisonous pesticide called ‘Agent Orange’, more than 500,000 deformed babies were born to Vietnamese mothers. Many of them are still living miserable lives. Many parts of the country were devastated by this immoral war started by the United States.

One of the worst crimes committed by the United States against a civilian population was the massacre of thousands of Cambodian peasants and the virtual destruction of their land by massive and reckless bombing and invasion during the Vietnam War between 1969 and 1973. Some 600,000 Cambodian peasants were killed in this bombing campaign.

  • The first Iraq war called “The Desert Storm” was the war started by U.S. President George H.W. Bush (Sr.) in 1991 to control the Middle East oil. It was a totally unnecessary war that was avoidable but the Bush-administration did everything to have this war and they succeeded in getting one. By the time the war was over, at least a quarter million Iraqi civilians—most of them Muslims—and military men were dead, most of them civilians. The country was bombed and destroyed to medieval state. In one of the worst acts, the United States fired about a million depleted uranium tipped missiles and shells that destroyed the Iraqi tanks and other targets. The nuclear fumes thus produced poisoned vast areas of the country. Thousands of Iraqi civilians and even U.S. soldiers breathed these poisonous fumes. They are now suffering from highly increased cancer rates and American soldiers, more than 58,000 of them are suffering from terrible life long disease called “The Gulf War Syndrome” for which there is no cure.

  • The second Iraq war of 2003 was the brain child of Bush-Cheney administration. With highly efficient propaganda machinery, President George W. Bush and his cronies bombarded the U.S. public and the world with blatant lies about Iraq possessing the weapons of mass destruction. Even the British Prime Minister Tony Blair—many in progressive community in America called him ‘America’s Poodle’—foolishly joined Bush in this campaign and the war. The war was sold to American people with lies and fabricated data. By the time this horrible war was over, according to many reports, more than a million Iraqis perished in the bombings. The whole country and its infrastructure were destroyed.

  • It is interesting to note that this ‘beacon’ of freedom and democracy has destroyed more than 50 popular nationalist democratic movements around the globe since 1945.

Wise people see their actions, not their propaganda around the world.

All this is a tip of the iceberg; more details are beyond the scope of this short article. Those who desire to know more can read my book: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A Shocking Record of US Crimes since 1776. Luckily, when I met Narendrabhai last December in Gandhinagar, I presented this book to him. He is an extremely busy man. But I hope, he would have some time somehow to read this book. At least, he would then be well-aware of the history of America’s continuous intention of world-dominion by any means. To deal with the United States, one must know its foreign policy history.

The Indian government must realize that the real purpose of U.S. Global agenda is to make the world safer for exploitation by the U.S. Corporations. This entails destroying the peoples’ popular movements in other countries and replacing them with puppet military dictatorships or compliant governments that do their bidding, opening up their countries for exploitation by the U.S. Corporate interests.

One can pardon President George Bush Jr. for denying visa to Modi as Bush’s knowledge of even US history—let alone the world history—was very limited. But President Obama continuing to deny the visa to Modi since he took over the US presidency in 2008 is incomprehensible because he should have known better. It was simply the height of hypocrisy.

The visa-denial to Modi—a Chief Minister of a major Indian state—was an affront to the whole Indian nation. If Sonia Gandhi’s government, the UPA-2 had any self respect, they could immediately have Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld or Collin Powell or combination of these three—each guilty of massive human rights violations in Iraq—banned from entering India as a retaliation for insulting the nation. But gutless as they were, PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi must have been happy within at this visa-denial to an opposition party Chief minister. They foolishly did not take it as an insult to all Indians.

The US government, a few weeks before the 2014 Indian elections results, realizing that Modi was going to be elected by a landslide, immediately sent their ambassador to meet Modi at Gandhinagar to be in his good books. Modi rightly obliged and met her.

Once the results were out and Narendrabhai and BJP secured a thumping majority in the parliament, immediately president Obama called Modi, congratulated him and invited him to the White House. The US government has no shame.

Did Prime Minister Narendra Modi do the right thing by accepting Obama’s invitation? Absolutely. Modi is not the man to let personal grudges come in the way of national progress. He knows very well that U.S.-India relationship is vitally important to both India as well as the United States.


Chaitanya Davé is an author of two books: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A Shocking Record of US Crimes since 1776 and COLLAPSE: Civilization on the Brink. They are available at Author’s e-mail: