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Bully Bows Down to Modi




Bully Bows Down to Modi

By: Chaitanya Davé

We had been reading several articles in western—German, British and American—newspapers a few weeks before the 2014 election on Narendrabhai Modi. Some of them continued to link Mr. Modi to 2002 Gujarat riots despite all the courts in India absolving him of any involvements in the unfortunate killings of Muslims in Gujarat. When the mobs go in a frenzy, no one can control them. But for the U.S. Government and the American newspapers, Modi was guilty period. These main-stream American newspapers always toe the U.S. Government line as far as the foreign policy is concerned. The Washington Post is the ‘Pravda’ on the Potomac and The New York Times is ‘The Peoples’ Daily’ on the Hudson. They both supported both the Iraq Wars though the whole world knew that these wars were nefarious and criminal. Should we worry about these newspapers’ reporting on Modi? Absolutely not. They are not at all important and should be totally neglected.

The Bush administration had denied a visa to Mr. Modi to enter the United States for the same reasons—his alleged involvement in Gujarat riots—since 2005 and unwisely even the Obama-administration continued the visa ban until now. Let’s look at America’s dealings with the poor people of the world including the Muslims. We will bypass British crimes due to lack of space in this article but let us look at America’s record as per human rights and especially the well-being of Muslims.

  • In 300 some years, from 1600 to 1900, what took place in the North American continent is too horrific and ugly to describe. In those years in countless wars and premeditated attacks, the Anglo American invaders killed millions of indigenous people living peacefully for thousands of years on the continent except for inter-tribal wars. Before the advent of the white man that migrated from Britain, they had lived with nature, had respected it immensely and had done no damage to the environment. Wave after wave of white men and women arrived in the North American continent in these years. What has followed after the arrival of the English in the early 1600s was a continuous war of annihilation of the Native American men, women and children.
  • The first slave trade was started by the Portuguese. But by the 17th and 18th century, this huge business of slave trading was in the hands of French, Dutch, and English companies. The slaves were fitted in ships like sardines. Thousands of black African slaves perished in this veritable nightmare. Then it was followed by the institution of slavery by the Americans. By the time this horrible institution was ended by President Lincoln in 1863, millions of African slaves had perished.

  • The Vietnam War spanned five U.S. Presidencies from 1962 till 1975. By the time this horrible war ended, according to reliable Vietnamese reports, some 4 million Vietnamese civilians and 1.1 million military men had perished. As a result of United States spraying some 21 million gallons of highly deadly and poisonous pesticide called ‘Agent Orange’, more than 500,000 deformed babies were born to Vietnamese mothers. Many of them are still living miserable lives. Many parts of the country were devastated by this immoral war started by the United States.

One of the worst crimes committed by the United States against a civilian population was the massacre of thousands of Cambodian peasants and the virtual destruction of their land by massive and reckless bombing and invasion during the Vietnam War between 1969 and 1973. Some 600,000 Cambodian peasants were killed in this bombing campaign.

  • The first Iraq war called “The Desert Storm” was the war started by U.S. President George H.W. Bush (Sr.) in 1991 to control the Middle East oil. It was a totally unnecessary war that was avoidable but the Bush-administration did everything to have this war and they succeeded in getting one. By the time the war was over, at least a quarter million Iraqi civilians—most of them Muslims—and military men were dead, most of them civilians. The country was bombed and destroyed to medieval state. In one of the worst acts, the United States fired about a million depleted uranium tipped missiles and shells that destroyed the Iraqi tanks and other targets. The nuclear fumes thus produced poisoned vast areas of the country. Thousands of Iraqi civilians and even U.S. soldiers breathed these poisonous fumes. They are now suffering from highly increased cancer rates and American soldiers, more than 58,000 of them are suffering from terrible life long disease called “The Gulf War Syndrome” for which there is no cure.

  • The second Iraq war of 2003 was the brain child of Bush-Cheney administration. With highly efficient propaganda machinery, President George W. Bush and his cronies bombarded the U.S. public and the world with blatant lies about Iraq possessing the weapons of mass destruction. Even the British Prime Minister Tony Blair—many in progressive community in America called him ‘America’s Poodle’—foolishly joined Bush in this campaign and the war. The war was sold to American people with lies and fabricated data. By the time this horrible war was over, according to many reports, more than a million Iraqis perished in the bombings. The whole country and its infrastructure were destroyed.

  • It is interesting to note that this ‘beacon’ of freedom and democracy has destroyed more than 50 popular nationalist democratic movements around the globe since 1945.

Wise people see their actions, not their propaganda around the world.

All this is a tip of the iceberg; more details are beyond the scope of this short article. Those who desire to know more can read my book: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A Shocking Record of US Crimes since 1776. Luckily, when I met Narendrabhai last December in Gandhinagar, I presented this book to him. He is an extremely busy man. But I hope, he would have some time somehow to read this book. At least, he would then be well-aware of the history of America’s continuous intention of world-dominion by any means. To deal with the United States, one must know its foreign policy history.

The Indian government must realize that the real purpose of U.S. Global agenda is to make the world safer for exploitation by the U.S. Corporations. This entails destroying the peoples’ popular movements in other countries and replacing them with puppet military dictatorships or compliant governments that do their bidding, opening up their countries for exploitation by the U.S. Corporate interests.

One can pardon President George Bush Jr. for denying visa to Modi as Bush’s knowledge of even US history—let alone the world history—was very limited. But President Obama continuing to deny the visa to Modi since he took over the US presidency in 2008 is incomprehensible because he should have known better. It was simply the height of hypocrisy.

The visa-denial to Modi—a Chief Minister of a major Indian state—was an affront to the whole Indian nation. If Sonia Gandhi’s government, the UPA-2 had any self respect, they could immediately have Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld or Collin Powell or combination of these three—each guilty of massive human rights violations in Iraq—banned from entering India as a retaliation for insulting the nation. But gutless as they were, PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi must have been happy within at this visa-denial to an opposition party Chief minister. They foolishly did not take it as an insult to all Indians.

The US government, a few weeks before the 2014 Indian elections results, realizing that Modi was going to be elected by a landslide, immediately sent their ambassador to meet Modi at Gandhinagar to be in his good books. Modi rightly obliged and met her.

Once the results were out and Narendrabhai and BJP secured a thumping majority in the parliament, immediately president Obama called Modi, congratulated him and invited him to the White House. The US government has no shame.

Did Prime Minister Narendra Modi do the right thing by accepting Obama’s invitation? Absolutely. Modi is not the man to let personal grudges come in the way of national progress. He knows very well that U.S.-India relationship is vitally important to both India as well as the United States.


Chaitanya Davé is an author of two books: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A Shocking Record of US Crimes since 1776 and COLLAPSE: Civilization on the Brink. They are available at Author’s e-mail: